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Resources: African American Buying Power Is The Seed For Global Restoration Of Our Legacy.

  • Introducing ARAT (Pronounced "AROT")

  • The Soul Road Initiative

  • Market Opportunity and Leadership

  • Vision and Impact

  • The Economic Development Powerhouse

  • Global Reach  

  • Building Institutions and Economic Impact


Empowering An Incredible People Back To Their Creative Roots, Building Upon The Foundation of What Is Today's Global Economic System.

A bold, ambitious, multi-trillion-dollar development plan aimed at transforming nations and global communities of color. 

Commercial Buildings


Consider the Soul Road Initiative, a global economic collaboration that has been designed with one primary goal in mind: creating a positive impact on communities of color globally.


At the heart of this initiative is a proposal, a grand vision for the future of African Americans numbering fifty-million, and Africa, a continent that boasts one point three-five billion blood ties and an impressive GDP of eight point five trillion dollars.


The proposition is bold, we propose a GDP growth plan ranging from sixteen to twenty trillion dollars over the course of the next thirty-years. It's a considerable sum, but it is a sum that matches the economic development plans of many world nations.


But what does this mean for Africa? What outcomes could such an ambitious plan yield? If successful, this robust growth could catalyze increased economic growth, fostering improved political stability and enhanced social wellbeing. Furthermore, it could significantly boost African American and Africa's influence on a global scale.


So, envision a world where institutions, organizations, businesses, seaports, and entire communities are owned and managed by trust members and invited global alliance partners, working towards a common goal. The Soul Road Initiative is not just a plan, it's a bridge, connecting the best and the brightest alliance members in a collaborative effort to create a positive impact on humanity. And with an annual spend of one point eight trillion plus dollars, with the potential to grow into trillions more over the next few decades, the successful implementation of this plan would positively impact our world.


It's Up To The Strong......................


Imagine African Americans, Africans, the diaspora, and invited partners work collaboratively? Building ports, global banking, high technology concerns, healthcare & health wellness concerns all owned and operated by African Americans, Africans, the diaspora, and invited partners. Uniting blood ties globally creating a ready-made market and guaranteed economic and social success.

We will create a self-sustaining ecosystem, free from the negative influences of outside forces. Our goal is to enable African Americans, Africans, and the diaspora to own their tomorrows and write a positive history. 

Building globally recognized brands collaboratively buying or selling from alliance consortium potentials can be a challenging but rewarding process. By working together, we can achieve our goals more quickly and efficiently. We can also create a more powerful and influential brand.


Please support the goals of this historic venture with a contribution on our websites.


Be blessed,


Steve Lively


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